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Hair Removal and Waxing
Skin Care For Women and Men
 Calming Facial
At Perfectly Pure Skin, we take care to provide our customers high quality skin care services personalized for their unique needs. I am professional, courteous and efficient.

​This exceptional new Hydropeptide facial is formulated to help turn back the hands of time. This anti-aging treatment creates a high energy healing, tightening, and energizing results. This facial is appropriate for all skin types.

$ 90- 60 minutes

Relax with this soothing healing experience that replenishes moisture to dry skin. It also acts as a anti-inflammatory treatment which calms the skin, as well as protects and promotes healthy new cell growth. 

​$ 80-60 minutes
​Perfectly Pure Facial
Sensitive skin is brought into harmony by this balancing facial. It cools the complexion, improves circulation, and helps reduce redness and irritation.

$ 80-60 minutes
 Clarifying Facial
This therapeutic facial is recommended for those prone to acne. This intensive healing treatment exfoliates dead skin cells, hydrates, moisturizes the skin, and calms sebaceous activity.

$ 80-60 minutes
  Gentlemens Facial
I have developed this facial to target men's most common skin concerns, including age prevention and treatment of ingrown hairs, razor burn and acne. Includes steam, exfoliation and extractions, plus a tension melting neck an shoulder massage.

$ 80-60 minutes

Microdermabrasion is a great way to exfoliate skin and remove the dead surface skin cells. Microdermabrasion also stimulates the creation of collagen and cell turnover, which aids in naturally gorgeous skin.

$ 100 and up -60 minutes              
Chemical Exfoliation
Chemical Peels can improve the skins appearance including fine lines and wrinkles. After a complete skin analysis we choose the chemical peel that will deliver the best results for your skin type and overall healthy complexion.

$ 100 and up
Package Options
Treatment Facials 
Any 4 Treatments $ 280
Any 8 Treatments $ 520
Any 12 Treatments $ 680
Chemical Peel/ Microdermabrasion
Any 4 Treatments $ 350
Any 8 Treatments $ 675
Any 12 Treatments $ 1000
Collagen Boost Anti-aging Facial

Offering special occasion packages. Including makeup, hair, pedicures manicures and facials.